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Powerful Features

See what Janus can do for you

Get your assets documented

Dont waste your time on documentation - Janus will do it!

Monitoring without configuration

All known assets are monitored - No configuration needed!

Get advice for faster fixes

In case of an incident, Janus helps you find fixes faster!

Be brave - Get your incidents fixed autonomously

If you belive in Janus - activate autonomous repair module and enjoy!

There's more!

Let's get to the point

Your IT environment, it's complicated. Your technologies and automation tools, they don't work together. And you are tired of writing complex scripts to automate your processes. They are too expensive to maintain. You are missing SLAs. And in today's world where technology and business requirements are constantly changing its time to demand more from your it automation.

Stay on top of things

IT asset management (ITAM) included within Janus, provides an accurate account of technology asset lifecycle costs and risks to maximize the business value of technology strategy, architecture, funding, contractual and sourcing decisions. Janus will explore your assets in the background and generate the documentation on the fly.

Stop paying for incidents

An average incident produces estimate costs of 120k USD. 80% are based on misconfiguration. Avoid these mistakes now. Janus will act strictly to rule to fulfill all the vendor-specific requirements without exceptions every day.

It's time for supervision

Don't waste your time configuring your monitoring software. Janus will set all explored assets automatically under supervision without any extra efforts. Janus will group all the single assets to a service orientated architecture and report the overall availability - the only thing that counts for SLAs.

Don't ask why - get it fixed

Janus, your virtual administrator, allows you to forget to ask the "Why". You don't need to know why there is an incident, you need to get it solved - the quicker the better. Janus does exactly that for you. It recognises that there is something wrong and is able to fix it instantly. But you can choose between 3 options: Janus tells you exactly what is wrong and you solve the problem by yourself, Janus spots a problem and asks for permission to solve it or Janus repairs it totally autonomously. It doesn't matter which solution fits you best, Janus always helps to save a lot of time and money.

Act compliant

Afraid of compliance issues? Janus provides a careful handling of safety standards. Moreover Janus is compliant regarding the data privacy act and other standards as ISO, ITIL, etc. As a company you might have passwort layers, 4-eyes-principles, and many more - no problem with Janus, you can integrate that all.* *Janus is not able to replace organisational activities reagrding compliance.

Everybody & everywhere

We think that running IT services should not be done by techies only. Maybe you can't solve the square root by hand but using a pocket calculator you get the result without knowing all the fancy maths stuff behind it. We do the same for you as the pocket calculator - remove the complexity (of running IT services) and as a result, everybody can do this job now. But how do we remove complexity for you? We made Janus intelligent and equipped it with deep and comprehensive IT knowledge. And we made it easy to use for you without complicated scripting and programming languages or configuration nightmares. You can simply use the language you know already - natural speech. The best user interface for Natural Speech is a Chat-Bot interface. So say "hello" to Janus!

Another way of deployment

Janus will deploy himself within your network. If your baseline security level is poor, Janus doesn't even need any access codes. You say: OMG? But don't get scared. Janus will fix that for you too.

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