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What's in it for you?

JANUS is our AI system administrator – in other words: We put all the know-how and skills of an IT administrator into a software, that can handle all the daily tasks of this job autonomously and the “real“ IT administrators have time for strategic work, projects and innovation.

Take your IT systems to a new level of automation and efficiency with AI.

JANUS comes in 3 product stages and a state-of-the-art conversational interface.

Intuitive Conversational Interface

Write JANUS what you need in plain English. Janus will be the voice of your infrastructure and become your best pal.

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Partners and Pilot Customers

he JANUS founding team came together 3 years ago with the mission to revolutionize IT infrastructure management. Along our journey we found incredible partners that believed in us as a team, the idea and pushed to reach the next milestone: We are now onboarding pilot projects and just recently successfully implemented the very first pilot project.
A massive THANK YOU to our partners and pilot customers!

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Why use Janus?
Features & Benefits - Details

Find out what you can accomplish with JANUS – IT Administrator as a service - and where it can help you increase your efficiency.


IT environments can be very complicated to manage. Too often the tools and technologies don’t work together, and it can be tiresome to constantly write custom scripts to automate processes. Current tools are too expensive and time consuming to maintain and it happens too often that SLAs can’t be met. Technology and business requirements are constantly changing these days, so it’s about time to demand more from your IT automation. Demand JANUS!

Easy installation based on Self-Deployment

JANUS will deploy itself within your network. So, no complicated installation procedure required. If that sounds too good to be true and you want an expert of our team to join you for the installation, reach out, we are happy to help getting you started.

Asset Management Made Easy

IT asset management (ITAM) is included in JANUS. Get an accurate account of technology asset lifecycle costs and risks to maximize the business value of technology strategy, architecture, funding, contractual and sourcing decisions. Janus will explore your assets in the background and generate the documentation like a flash. If JANUS finds out that it doesn’t need access codes at certain points, your baseline security level might be poor. OMG, whaaat!? - how could that happen? Don’t get scared. JANUS will fix that for you too.

Real-Time Monitoring

Don’t waste your time configuring your monitoring software. JANUS will automatically put all explored assets under supervision without any extra efforts. JANUS will group all single assets to a service orientated architecture and report the overall availability - the only thing that counts for SLAs.

Deployment On The Fly

JANUS can deploy standard services within a minute by answering 3-5 simple questions. An average incident produces estimate costs about 120k USD. 80% are due to misconfiguration. Avoid these mistakes now. JANUS will act strictly by the rules to fulfill all the vendor-specific requirements without exception, every day.

Autonomous Infrastructure Self-Repair - No More Manual Trouble Shooting

Often, the priority is not to know why an incident happened, you just need to solve it right away - the faster the better. JANUS does exactly that for you. It recognizes that there is something wrong and it can fix it instantly. You can choose between 3 interchangeable options: JANUS tells you exactly what is wrong and you solve the problem by yourself, JANUS spots a problem and asks for permission to solve it or JANUS repairs it totally autonomously. Whatever solution fits you best, Janus always helps to save a lot of time and money.

Be Compliant And Fulfill the Corresponding Requirements

Got compliance issues? JANUS provides a careful handling of safety standards. Moreover, JANUS is compliant regarding the data privacy act and other standards like ISO, ITIL, etc. As a company you might have password layers, 4-eyes-principles, and many more - no problem with JANUS, you can integrate them all.*
*Janus is not able to replace organizational activities regarding compliance.

No Training Needed - Get Started Instantly And Learn How To Use It While Using It

We think running IT services doesn’t have to be done by techies only. So, we made JANUS as simple and convenient to operate as possible - and all that without any complicated scripting, programming languages or configuration nightmares. Simply use a language you already know - plain English. We decided to implement a conversational user interface that is as easy to understand as any messenger app. So say “hello“ to JANUS! JANUS will be the voice of your infrastructure and becomes your best pal.

Secret Sauce Or Why Janus Is An IT Administrator As A Service And NOT Another Tool

JANUS removes the complexity of running IT services and as a result, everybody can work with Janus. But how do we remove complexity for you? JANUS lays an abstraction layer on top of your infrastructure and tools and interacts with all of it through APIs etc. Moreover, we made JANUS intelligent and equipped it with deep and comprehensive IT knowledge, this kind of knowledge an experienced “real” IT Administrator would have. But on top of this, we used some elaborate algorithms and AI functionalities to reach the full range of features as well as the level of abstraction within the software to make it as easy to use as it can be. You want to know more? Or still are not convinced that this is really working? Drop us a line here.

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